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Phantom® Wallet Extension for Chrome, Safari and Firefox

Phantom is a renowned non-custodial virtual currency wallet and browser extension that provides a straightforward and simple way to interact with different blockchain networks in the Solana (SOL) world. The wallet offers a simple, accessible extension that permits users to receive and transact digital currencies and tokens, swap tokens, and collect NFTs within the wallet.

The decentralized Web3 wallet keeps its users' private keys on their devices, giving you full control of your crypto assets. Phantom Wallet Extension is compatible with many web browsers like Edge, Chrome, Brave, and Firefox.

Features of Phantom Wallet Extension

To begin with Phantom, you should download the mobile app or the browser extension through the official website. It's a non-custodial wallet, so you have full custody of your funds and wallet. The wallet provides many features to ease crypto trading; some of the features are:

Multi-Chain Support

Users can handle their crypto funds in a single place with multi-chain support. Users don't need to switch between multiple wallets to handle their digital assets. 

dApp Integration

The wallet enables users to interact with different decentralized applications directly via the wallet. Also, users can access various dApps, games, and others without leaving their wallets.  

Stake SOL 

The wallet lets you participate in Solana (SOL) consensus by staking the Solana tokens to obtain rewards. To begin staking, users must have SOL tokens in their wallets. 


Phantom Wallet Extension has in-built support for SOL-based NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and collectibles, enabling users to check NFTs directly from the wallet interface. The wallet automatically groups similar non-fungible tokens to make it simpler to find particular items. 

Support Ledger Hardware Wallets 

Users can integrate their wallets with Ledger devices to store their funds offline. You will require a Ledger wallet and the Ledger Live application to enjoy this service. Then you can connect your wallet from the Ledger Live app and transact the funds between software and hardware wallets.

Guide to Use Phantom Wallet Extension

Phantom is a user-friendly and safe wallet. Below is the detailed procedure on how you can use the web3 wallet. You must download the wallet extension or app and add some SOL. 

Downloading the Wallet Extension 

First, you should download the Phantom Extension on your device, which supports Firefox, Edge, Chrome, and Brave. The wallet also provides mobile apps for both Android and iOS. You can walk through the following procedure to get the wallet extension.  First, you should navigate to your desired web browser to download the extension.  Next, head to the official Phantom Wallet Extension web page through the URL On the main screen, you must pick the desired browser option. After this, follow the instructions visible on your screen, and the downloading procedure will begin.

Installing the Wallet App 

Launch the App or Play Store on your smartphone. Then, you should look for Phantom Wallet Extension in the search bar. Next, hit the Phantom icon from the search results. After this, hit the Install or Get tab, and the app will download on your device.

How to Connect Phantom Wallet Extension to Ledger

You can use a Ledger hardware wallet to store and manage your SPL and Solana tokens securely. 

To start, you should plug your Ledger hardware device into your PC and unlock it. 
Then, launch the Phantom Wallet Extension Extension or mobile app. 
Next, hit the Hamburger icon to launch the Account Switcher menu. 
Tap on the + icon and choose the Connect Hardware Wallet option.
After this, a new tab will appear, and your wallet will detect the Ledger hardware device.